EZ-Gro 420 Finisher


420 Finisher is a plant biostimulant specially formulated for hydroponics that contains kinetin, a plant growth stimulant found in nature. Kinetin, a cytokinin, is native to many plants, and acts as a growth rate stimulant by stimulating cell proliferation and differentiation. When applied exogenously, kinetin can inhibit root growth and funnel resources toward the rapid growth of shoots and leaves. Reduce transplant shock, increase number and size of fruits and flowers and stimulate rapid growth of your crops by using 420 Finisher.

Usage Instructions


• Cytokinins are a class of plant signaling molecules that are involved in the regulation of growth and development throughout the entire life cycle of most plants
• Adequate levels of cytokinins are required for proper growth, especially of leaves
• Cytokinin concentrations are highest in developing tissues like root tips and the shoot apex, due to their role in growth promotion
• Kinetin and other cytokinins have been proven to positively regulate traits like grain or fruit size and biomass

Usage Directions:

See label for detailed usage directions.