EZ-Gro Armour-L 0-0-15


EZ-Gro Armour-L 0-0-15 is a concentrated Potassium Silicate liquid fertilizer additive that can help your plants protect themselves against a myriad of stresses including moisture, temperature, salt, and heavy metals. The Silicon Dioxide contained in Potassium Silicate offers two levels of protection – silicon inserts into the cell wall forming a physiological barrier, while also activating biochemical pathways to increase water usage efficiency and promote growth in response to, or despite of, abiotic stress. Apply EZ-Gro Armour-L 0-0-15 during times of stress to help your crops defend themselves and survive detrimental conditions.

Usage Instructions


• Potassium Silicate is abundant in soil and readily taken up by plants to offer structural fortification and regulation of water use.
• Silicon Dioxide, found in Potassium Silicate, plays an important role in abiotic stress resistance during drought or saline stress, strengthens cell walls and prevents lodging.
• Silicon Dioxide is more effective than salicylic acid at protecting against drought stress due to its dual mode of action:
o Silicon forms a structural barrier as it is incorporated into the cell wall – preventing water from leaving cells during stress
o Silicon can also turn on stress-induced pathways that aid in the preservation of water

Usage Directions:

See label for detailed usage directions.