EZ-Gro Betaine


EZ-Gro Betaine is an osmo-protective agent intended for use in home garden, greenhouse and field. Its active ingredient, glycine betaine, is a natural compound that functions to protect plants from abiotic stress. Conditions like drought, heat, cold, and salt stress cause dehydration and can have a severe impact on crop yield. Osmo-protectants combat these debilitating conditions and improve plant growth and survival. By altering cellular structures and membrane composition they allow plants to adapt to water deficiencies. Studies show that exogenous glycine betaine can be taken up by plant roots and accumulate in leaves, offering normally fragile plants the same protection as those resilient varieties. EZ-Gro Betaine is a 99% glycine betaine easily dissolved powder that can be applied to foliage or soil to combat dehydration and prevent crop loss.

Approved by eco cert.

Usage Instructions


• Glycine betaine is a quaternary ammonium compound that occurs naturally in many different organisms
• In plants, betaine is involved in osmoregulation and water balance – it can be found in high levels in plants resistant to extreme environments (highly prevalent in sugar beets)
• Betaine promotes growth under stressed conditions – heat, drought, salt, cold etc.

Usage Directions:

See label for detailed usage directions.