EZ-Gro Copper 10% 8-0-0


Ez-Gro Copper is a plant nutrient supplement powder, which exploits amino acid chelation to enhance its bioavailability. Copper is an essential metal required for the proper growth and development of plants as it is a cofactor for multiple enzymes, particularly those involved in photosynthetic electron transport. Add EZ-GRO Copper to your current fertilizer regimen to remedy copper deficiencies and boost growth, yield and quality of your plants.
Characteristics of Copper Deficiency:
• Affects young leaves and reproductive organs
• Leaves appear light green or yellow due to decreased pigment content
• Leaves may be malformed and/or show necrosis
• As soil pH increases, the availability of copper decreases

Usage Instructions



  • Very careful regulation of copper is required for proper growth and development as insufficient levels may result in faulty or inefficient photosynthesis, but excess copper may be toxic to cells
  • Only a small amount of copper is required to produce beneficial effects
  • Soil applications of copper may last for many years as the crop depletion is not as significant as other nutrients (like nitrogen or potassium, for example)

Usage Tips

May be used on all agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops that require and respond to Copper nutritional supplements.

Can be applied directly to the soil as a powder, through drip or injection systems, or by foliar application through conventional, low-volume, or aerial sprayers.

Can be formulated into NPK fertilizers as a source of Copper, and is compatible with a wide range of fertilizer materials, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

See label for detailed usage directions.