EZ-GRO Fulvic Acid 15%


Ez-Gro Organic Fulvic Acid 15% is a non-plant food soil or foliar treatment that is considered an efficient and effective method to enhance uptake of endogenous and exogenous nutrient, allowing it to optimize your fertilizer program. Fulvic acid is a potent organic electrolyte that enhances cell division and elongation, which leads to a significant root growth.
Fulvic acid also offers protection against certain abiotic stresses like drought and salinity due to its alteration of water transport and storage.
Ez-Gro Fulvic Acid 15% is a great addition to your regular fertilizer program to reap the benefits of crop protection and soil composition.

Usage Instructions

1-2 ml per litre once a week
Foliar: 1-2 ml once or twice a week