EZ-Gro GA3 5%


EZ-Gro GA3 5% contains gibberellic acid (GA), a very potent plant growth regulator whose natural occurrence in plants controls their development. Gibberellic acid promotes plant and flower growth. Applications of very low concentrations can have a profound effect. It is involved in seed germination, seedling emergence, stem and leaf growth, floral induction, and flower and fruit growth and enhances many crops including: fruits, vegetables, flowers, cereal grains, golf turf, pasture grass, etc. Apply EZ-Gro GA3 5% to your crops to increase number and size of fruits, flowers, grains and pods, and improve overall plant growth, size, and yield.

Approved by eco cert.

Usage Instructions


• Gibberellins are hormones that play a role in growth and development of plants and generally leads to increased stem/stalk length when applied to plants.
• They are believed to act via a specific GA-receptor interaction (requires highly specific interaction with receptor).
• Gibberellic acid acts in a number of developmental and physiological processes in plants and is directly effective in promotion of shoot elongation in plants.
• It has also been implicated in promotion of root growth, root hair abundance, inhibition of floral bud differentiation in woody angiosperms, regulation of vegetative and reproductive bud dormancy and delay of senescence in many organs of a range of plant species.

Usage Directions:

See label for detailed usage directions.