EZ-Gro Iron 10% 10-0-0


Ez-Gro Iron is a plant nutrient supplement powder, which exploits amino acid chelation to enhance its bioavailability. Iron is an essential micronutrient that plays a critical role in macromolecule synthesis, respiration and photosynthesis as it acts as a prosthetic group with important enzymes. Add EZ-GRO Iron to your current fertilizer regimen to remedy iron deficiencies and boost growth, yield and quality of your plants.

Characteristics of Iron Deficiency

• Reduced nutritional quality of crops
• Yellowing leaves
• Poor root formation
• Symptoms manifest in young leaves first

Usage Instructions


  • Iron is involved in the synthesis of chlorophyll and is required for proper photosynthetic energy transfer to occur
  • Most of the iron present in soil is in an insoluble unusable form – therefore iron deficiencies are quite common
  • Iron content is often increased in water-logged soils and soils with lower pH
  • A certain threshold of iron is required for the proper growth of all plants; however, it is also toxic to cells when in excess

Usage Tips

May be used on all agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops that require and respond to Iron nutritional supplements.

Can be applied directly to the soil as a powder, through drip or injection systems, or by foliar application through conventional, low-volume, or aerial sprayers.

Can be formulated into NPK fertilizers as a source of Iron, and is compatible with a wide range of fertilizer materials, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

See label for detailed usage directions.