EZ-Gro JA is a bioprotectant and abiotic stress reducer containing Methyl Jasmonate, also known as Jasmonic Acid. It is highly active at even miniscule concentrations. Jasmonic Acid and its derivatives are natural plant hormones that play a role in growth and protection against environmental stress. Jasmonate hormones are also used by plants for long range signaling; when one plant is under stress, it not only releases jasmonates to protect itself, but also uses them to warn neighbouring plants to prepare. Apply EZ-Gro JA to increase crop survival during abiotic stress.

Usage Instructions


• Jasmonic acids are a class of lipidic plant hormones, synthesized from linolenic acid present in the chloroplast membrane and are involved in development, abiotic stress responses and plant microbes interactions in defence and symbiosis.
• Jasmonate compounds and its derivatives are present throughout the plant – highest levels can be found in growing tissues (stem apex, young leaves, immature fruit, root tips).
• In nature, Jasmonic Acid levels increase in response to external stimuli such as wounding, mechanical forces, elicitors from pathogen attack and osmotic stress.
• Derivatives such as methyl-jasmonate are volatile and participate in long range signalling between plants.

Usage Directions:

See label for detailed usage directions.