EZ-Gro Magnesium 6% 9-0-0


Ez-Gro Magnesium is a plant nutrient supplement powder, which exploits amino acid chelation to enhance its bioavailability. Magnesium is an important element that is crucial for photosynthesis, however it is often overlooked in terms of plant nutrition. It is especially sensitive to yield dilution, resulting in decreased soil levels in subsequent growing seasons. The exogenous application of magnesium to deficit soil can enhance root formation, chlorophyll synthesis and photosynthetic rate and efficiency. Add EZ-GRO Magnesium to your current fertilizer regimen to remedy magnesium deficiencies and boost growth, yield and quality of your plants.
Characteristics of Magnesium Deficiency
• Leaf yellowing – typically dark green “spidery” veins through yellow leaf tissue (known as interveinal chlorosis)
• Stunted growth of roots and shoots due to poor photosynthetic energy transfer
• First affects roots, then older leaves

Usage Instructions


  • Magnesium plays a crucial role in proper chlorophyll pigmentation
  • Magnesium deficiency more common in environments of high light intensity, elevated soil pH, and excess potassium
  • Magnesium is critical for water balance within the plant and regulates cell turgor
  • Potassium and magnesium work antagonistically: excess potassium may lead to magnesium deficiencies and vice versa

Usage Tips

May be used on all agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops that require and respond to Magnesium nutritional supplements.

Can be applied directly to the soil as a powder, through drip or injection systems, or by foliar application through conventional, low-volume, or aerial sprayers.

Can be formulated into NPK fertilizers as a source of Magnesium, and is compatible with a wide range of fertilizer materials, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

See label for detailed usage directions.