Ez-Gro Organic Calcium Magnesium


Ez-Gro Organic Calcium Magnesium is a product suitable for organic use, consisting of 4% Calcium and 1.65% Magnesium. These secondary sources are vital to plant health and leaf development. This product is completely soluble to allow for maximum nutrient uptake. This product is for all stages of Growth for general purpose and to correct deficiencies. For use in all areas agriculture including felid crops, hydroponics and organic gardening.

Usage Instructions

Foliar Application:
4 to 4 itres per hectacre. Apply to plant foliage to point of run-off, throughout growing season as needed.

Soil Application:
8 to 16 litres per hectacre. Apply with irrigation water until ground is saturated. Continued applications every 7 to 14 days at rate of 2 litres per hectacre as needed.

Nursery & Container:
Mix 5-15ml per litre of water. Apply as fliar spray or soil drench as needed.

Turf & Lawns:
80-150ml per 100 square metres; apply through irrigation water, continue applications at rate 25ml per 100 square metre every 7 to 14 days as needed.