EZ-GRO SSP is a trisiloxane surfactant that can be added to any fertilizer, supplement, or plant growth regulator. When added to irrigation water, EZ-GRO SSP promotes nutrient uptake, improves efficiency of irrigation and wetting, and reduces nutrient losses through leaching and runoff after rainfall. EZ-GRO SSP can reduce the surface tension of water, which ultimately allows your irrigation liquids to spread in or on water-repellant surfaces like leaves and soil. EZ-GRO SSP is a sustainable solution that allows you to conserve water and improve efficiency of irrigation, all while enhancing the growth and quality of your crops.

Usage Instructions

SUITABLE FOR ALL CROPS: Add with each tank application of fertilizer, supplements, and PGR’s or as required.

TANK MIX ADDITIVE: As a tank mix additive, EZ-GRO SSP can improve spray coverage, promote absorption, and reduce the amount of spray. Add to your tank mix prior to application to soil or crops to aid in the spreading, penetration and uptake of your plant growth regulator, supplement or fertilizer.

Recommended/typical usage:

  • Plant growth regulator: 0.025% – 0.05% EZ-GRO SSP w/w
  • Supplements: 0.025% – 0.05% EZ-GRO SSP w/w
  • Fertilizers and trace elements: 0.015% – 0.1% EZ-GRO SSP w/w

Performs best when mixture pH is 6-8. Use within 24 hours of mixing. Apply to a small test area before spraying widely on fields.

GENERAL TURF & GOLF COURSES: Apply 125 ml of EZ-GRO SSP per 100 m2 of turf in monthly intervals or as required.