EZ-Gro Zinc (Zn)10% 10-0-0


EZ-Gro Zinc (Zn) 10% 10-0-0 is a plant nutrient supplement powder, which exploits amino acid chelation to enhance its bioavailability. Nearly all plants can benefit from the application of Zn, leading to enhanced yields, increased growth, and proper development. Add EZ-Gro Zinc (Zn) 10% 10-0-0 to your regular fertilizer regime to fix zinc deficiencies and boost production and quality of your crops.

Usage Instructions


• Zinc is an essential micronutrient involved in various growth and development pathways. Without adequate supply, growth will cease and crops may become more susceptible to injury.
• Zinc is crucial for the production of IAA (phytohormone responsible for growth)  without proper supply of zinc, auxin-induced growth cannot occur, resulting in stunted shoots and roots
• In zinc deficient conditions, various crops have been shown to have a decreased tolerance for light, heat, and even fungal disease, increasing incidence of injury among crops
• Zinc plays a role in reproductive growth, which leads to pollen production, fruiting and flowering. When plants are deficient, they produce less fruits and flowers, thus decreasing yields
• Sandy and peat soils, as well as those with high phosphorous and silicon content are especially prone to zinc deficiencies and benefit highly from the application of exogenous zinc

Usage Directions:

See label for detailed usage directions.