Gro-Root Gel


Gro-Root Gel: EZ-Gro’s Gro-Root Gel is a CFIA registered rooting gel containing two plant growth regulators and six biostimulants to ensure maximum new root development in soft and semi-hard cuttings including medical marijuana.

Usage Instructions

Designed for easy application, simply dip the cuttings in the gel up to the top of the diagonal cut, and stick in the rooting medium. Gro-Root Gel contains NAA and IBA, strong hormones which promote vigour and adventitious root growth when used in small amounts. Salicylic Acid helps protect against drought and salinity. Vitamin B1 improves health and vitality, while Vitamin C aids in control of cell growth. Humic Acid stimulates germination, and enhances root, leaf and shoot growth. Protein Hydrolysate provides amino acids and a touch of nitrogen to give your cuttings a boost. And Yucca acts as a natural surfactant and wetting agent, reducing the presence of dry spots around your cuttings.