Gro-Root Gel


EZ-Gro Gro-Root Gel is a CFIA registered rooting gel containing two plant growth regulators and six biostimulants to ensure maximum new root development in soft and semi-hard cuttings including medical marijuana.

Usage Instructions

• Both NAA and IBA are more effective when applied exogenously than IAA as they do not breakdown as rapidly once taken up by the plant
• Salicylic Acid helps protect against drought and salinity.
• Vitamin B1 improves health and vitality, while Vitamin C aids in control of cell growth.
• Humic Acid stimulates germination, and enhances root, leaf and shoot growth.
• Protein Hydrolysate provides amino acids and a touch of nitrogen to give your cuttings a boost.
• Yucca acts as a natural surfactant and wetting agent, reducing the presence of dry spots around your cuttings

Usage Directions:

See label for detailed usage directions.