Humic Acid 0-0-5 (80%)


100% water soluble and can be used as a soil or foliar application. It may enhance micronutrient uptake by plants. It is compatible with most powdered and liquid fertilizer and biological and enzymatic formulations.

Mixing instructions: Refer to label

Usage Instructions


• Though the exact mechanism of action is still unclear, it is believed that humic acid benefits plant growth directly by improving nutrient uptake via hormonal action
• Humic substances, including both humic and fulvic acid, are one of the largest constituents of soil matter and are therefore considered a key component of the ecosystem
• Some evidence links humic acid with auxin-like activity which results in the stimulation of growth
• Humic acid has been proven to increase uptake of numerous essential nutrients from soil and has shown significant increases in growth and yield (upwards of 40%)
• Humic acid has even been shown to increase the post-harvest vase life of cut flowers and decreased their post-harvest weight loss

Usage Directions:

See label for detailed usage directions.