Nitrogen Biostimulant 18-0-0


Nitrogen Biostimulant 18-0-0 is an organic plant macronutrient supplement containing 18% water-soluble nitrogen. Nitrogen is a critical nutrient for proper development of all plants, and without adequate amounts, fruit and flower size and yield can be drastically reduced. As crops are harvested, soil nitrogen is depleted, risking the starvation of future progeny. Use Nitrogen Biostimulant to feed your plants this essential element and improve the overall production quality and quantity.

Characteristics of Nitrogen Deficiency

• Leaves appear yellow or pale green due to the disruption in proper chlorophyll development
• Plants appear starved  thin and pale; leaves remain small and drop prematurely
• Growth is stunted due to decrease in protein content
• Acidic soils are more likely to be deficient in nitrogen

Usage Instructions


  • Nitrogen plays a key role in seeding, fruiting, and rapid growth, and is stored in fruit, seeds, roots and chlorophyll
  • Nitrogen is essential for photosynthesis –without it plants are unable to convert sunlight into usable energy and often suffer severe growth defects
  • Amino acids are required for many cellular processes and pathways and therefore a large proportion of cellular energy is allocated to the creation of these building blocks
  • The less metabolic energy the plant spends on building proteins and/or amino acids, the more metabolic energy that is spent on other processes, i.e. growth, fruiting and flowering

Usage Tips

See label for detailed usage directions.