Humic Acid 0-0-5 (80%)


EZ-Gro Humic Acid is an organic non-plant food soil or foliar treatment that is 100% water-soluble and offers many benefits to your soil and crops. It is considered an efficient and effective method to enhance the uptake of endogenous and exogenous nutrients, allowing it to optimize your current fertilizer program. Humic acid has been shown to enhance soil structure and fertility, alter nutrient root architecture to improve nutrient uptake, and even reduce metal toxicity through its chelating properties. Apply EZ-Gro Humic Acid with your regular fertilizer program to stimulate germination, enhance root, leaf and shoot growth, and protect your plants against heavy metal toxicity.

Usage Instructions


• Though the exact mechanism of action is still unclear, it is believed that humic acid benefits plant growth directly by improving nutrient uptake via hormonal action
• Humic substances, including both humic and fulvic acid, are one of the largest constituents of soil matter and are therefore considered a key component of the ecosystem
• Some evidence links humic acid with auxin-like activity which results in the stimulation of growth
• Humic acid has been proven to increase uptake of numerous essential nutrients from soil and has shown significant increases in growth and yield (upwards of 40%)
• Humic acid has even been shown to increase the post-harvest vase life of cut flowers and decreased their post-harvest weight loss

Usage Directions:

See label for detailed usage directions.